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Sanitation provides solid resources collection services to 750,000 households, comprising 530,000 single-family and 220,000 multi-family units (duplex to four-unit buildings). The four-bin collection system consists of blue bins (recyclables), green bins (tree and yard trimmings), black bins (residual waste), and brown bins (horse manure). Sanitation offers bulky items collection to 600,000 multi-family units. Using the calculation methodology adopted by the State of California, the City has achieved a landfill diversion rate of 76.4%. The City recognizes that waste management is a fundamental component of overall environmental sustainability and climate change efforts, and an integral part of the effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

Los Angeles Ranked Top Recycler Out of 10 Largest U.S. Cities

The Zero Waste Progress Report 2013 conducted by the UCLA Engineering Extension’s Municipal Solid Waste Management Program reported that the City of Los Angeles has achieved a recycling rate of 76.4%. An additional survey conducted by the UCLA Engineering Extension reported that the City of Los Angeles has the highest recycling rate out of the 10 largest U.S. cities.

Zero Waste Progress Report 2013 (48 pages) & APPENDIX (503 pages)

No. City Recycling Rate* Population
1 Los Angeles 76% 3,857,799
2 San Jose 71% 982,765
3 San Diego 65% 1,338,348
4 Chicago 58% 2,714,856
5 Philadelphia 49% 1,547,607
6 Dallas 29% 1,241,162
7 New York 27% 8,336,697
8 Houston 19% 2,160,821
9 San Antonio 18% 1,382,951
10 Phoenix 17% 1,488,750
* Source: UCLA Engineering Extension Recycling and
Municipal Solid Waste Management Program

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