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Message from the Director

Enrique Zaldivar - LASAN Director
While the City of Los Angeles has long provided recycling opportunities to single-family residential homes, Los Angeles businesses and multi-family residential buildings previously served by unregulated private companies did not have such opportunities.  That’s why, two years ago, we launched recycLA, a unique partnership in which the City regulates and oversees waste collection and recycling services provided to these buildings by private companies.  By bringing recycling services to these 66,000 new customers for the first time under the recycLA program, the City will be able to achieve its goal of reducing waste going to landfills by one million tons per year.

Since the roll out two years ago, we have identified the need to enhance and improve the customer experience, educate about and promote recycling, and help alleviate the impact of extra service charges. The City entered into months of negotiations with our partners and the outcomes are a system and rate structure better aligned with – and positioned to achieve – the goals of the program.

In the new "Removing Barriers to Recycling" program, recycLA customers will no longer be charged access and distance fees for blue bin service, and customers who have paid those extra fees previously may receive a credit.

As customers are educated about what materials can and cannot be recycled over the next two years, no contamination fees will be assessed and certain scheduled rate increases will be delayed. Between now and the end of this two year education phase, there will be an intense effort to teach customers how to increase recycling and decrease trash, which may result in customers paying less.

The goal of Removing Barriers to Recycling is to make it easy to use your blue bin and ultimately create a landfill-free LA.

For more information, visit: www.lacitysan.org/recycla or call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489.

Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E.
Director and General Manager
LA Sanitation & Environment