Advisory Group

The City formed an advisory group of stakeholders to allow for more focused dialogue on draft materials and to refine specific ideas prior to workshops with One Water LA stakeholders.
Members of the advisory group provide their ideas, knowledge, and input on plan components and advise on materials to be presented to all One Water LA stakeholders.
The advisory group is comprised of ten stakeholders that meet on an as-needed basis to discuss various topics throughout the different planning phases of One Water LA. These individuals are:

  • Casavan, Carolyn (Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council)
  • Cox, Brad (Los Angeles Business Council Institute)
  • Humphreville, Jack (Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council)
  • McCarthy, Louise (Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County)
  • Murray, Ken, M.D. (Providence St. Joseph Medical Center)
  • Nahai, David (David Nahai Companies)
  • O' Gara, Mike (Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council)
  • Padilla, Veronica (Pacoma Beautiful)
  • Sanders, Kelly, M.D. (University of Southern California)
  • Winter, Melanie (The River Project)