Economic Development Sites

First and Boyle Site

First and Boyle The Citywide Brownfields Program (Program), in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and various City departments, are working together to transform a vacant lot into affordable housing. The site is located in Council District (CD) 14. This future affordable housing improvement will benefit the low income community of Boyle Heights. For over 50 years, the site has been historically occupied by several automobile service stations and a laundromat, until its demolition in 2009. The Program is assisting with environmental assessment and cleanup once cleaned, the site will be redeveloped into mixed-use housing, consisting of 44 units and commercial tenants. The funding for the assessments and cleanup comes to us through a grant from the State Water Board.


94th and Broadway Site

94th and Broadway This City owned site, located in CD- 8, sits on 2.4 acres of vacant land. This site has been abandoned attracting illegal dumping and other criminal activities, putting human health and the environment at risk. The Program is investigating the site. Once contamination is delegated and clean up is complete, this site will be redeveloped into mixed-use affordable housing and commercial / retail.


Marlton Square

Marlton Square The site, located in CD-10 is owned by three different entities; the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA/LA), and LEEDS. This site has hosted a number of small commercial businesses since 1952, including four dry cleaners, a gasoline station, and automobile shops. Previous investigations revealed elevated levels of perchloroethylene, commonly found in dry cleaners, and asbestos and lead based paint. The site vicinity lies within an area of excessive peat which can cause an accumulation of methane gas. The Program has obtained a US EPA TBA Grant in order to conduct a Phase II ESA for additional subsurface investigation and prepare the site for redevelopment. This site will be developed into a strip mall for commercial use which will benefit the immediate surrounding community by providing jobs.


Former Bethune Library

Bethune Library This site which is located in CD-8 was a former gas station before it was redeveloped into a library, known as the Bethune Library. It was then demolished in 2009 and subsequently, the site has remained vacant. The Program has obtained a grant through the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) to conduct a Phase II ESA to determine if contamination is present. Future redevelopment use will be affordable housing with retail and commercial use. >


6th Street Bridge Project

6 street bridge As part of the new design of the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project and the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, possible contamination from sites adjacent to the bridge needed to be investigated, due to the fact that the area has been used for industrial purposes since before World War II. In October 2013, a Phase I ESA was conducted on 2 sites next to the 6th Street Bridge. Site 1 was located west of the LA River, on the Arts District side, and Site 2 was located east of the LA River, on the Boyle Heights side. Both properties are situated in a methane zone, as is most of downtown Los Angeles. According to the Phase I ESA, both sites required further investigation due to the suspected presence of railroad-related chemicals in shallow site soils and to the operation of adjacent railroad tracks, as well as the suspected manipulation of hazardous substances on properties adjacent to Site 1 West. The final design for the Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement Project includes recreational and pedestrian-friendly uses on and under both sides of the new bridge. For current information and updates about this project, go to


Van Nuys Site

Van Nuys This site was identified as part of the LA River US EPA Assessment Grant. The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was conducted in May 2013 at the site located at 14094 Van Nuys Blvd. The property is currently unoccupied, vacant land covered with vegetation, situated in a methane zone. According to property records, the site was possibly leased for oil and gas activity in 1975. However, there are no records indicating that oil or gas exploration occurred on the site. From at least 1962 through 1985, the site is listed as residential property. As there was no evidence or records of use, storage and disposal of above ground or underground storage tanks, hazardous waste, substances and petroleum products at the site, or any indications of releases, such as odors, stressed vegetation, leaks, pools of liquids, or spills, further investigation was not recommended for the site. The site was referred to the City Council for community garden development.


Temple Site

Temple Site This site was identified as part of the LA River US EPA Assessment Grant. In September 2013, a Phase II ESA was conducted for the site located at 1500-1513 W Temple Street, in order to evaluate the extent of petroleum impact and the presence and condition of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). Based on information obtained for the Phase II ESA, the USTs have been removed and the sources of any potential impacts at the site have been eliminated. The hydrocarbon concentrations are limited and contained at the site. Nevertheless, LA County FD has issued a letter advising remediation actions for a new development on the site, such as removal and disposal at an approved facility of the contaminated soil with hydrocarbon lead, as well an evaluation and development of mitigation measures regarding the naphthalene vapors in the subsurface soil.


Slauson and Wall Site

Slauson and Wall Village collage 500x201 The Slauson & Wall Village is a 7-acre site located in a commercial and residential area in Council District 9. The site is comprised of several industrial buildings that were construction between 1922 and 1956. Historically, the site was occupied by several manufacturing and industrial tenants including auto body repair businesses. The former CRA/LA acquired the site from a private owner in 2009. The Program conducted environmental site investigations at this site. Containments of concern included volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and total petroleum hydrocarbons. The site is scheduled to be redeveloped into affordable housing and a 4-acre park. Demolition of the existing industrial buildings is expected to commence by summer 2017 with remediation moving forward thereafter. The Program provided assistance to identify potential grant funding for the remediation.

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