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Miscellaneous Sites


Wadena Lot Adopt A Lot FlyerThe goal of the Adopt-A-Lot (AAL) Pilot Program is to re-imagine the potential of vacant lots as productive community assets;  promote community interaction and cohesion through the use and stewardship of public space;  enhance environmental quality and improve quality of life;  and maximizes the use of public land for public benefit. 

Below is a list of potential allowable lot uses through the AAL Pilot Program:

  • Community hub - communal spaces for neighborhood-serving activities
  • Recreation space - temporary spaces for active and passive recreation
  • Urban agriculture - growing of edible and non-edible plants, such as vegetables and flowers
  • Clean and green - debris removal and ongoing maintenance, such as tree and shrub trimming
  • Community marketplace - community selling of food and goods
Brownfields Program's role is to provide environmental clearance by conducting due diligence to make sure there is no environmental impact, and that the proposed sites are safe for reuse.


Pico Union Community Garden

Pico Union 18 Brownfields Program is working with Council District 1 on  the Pico Union Remediation Project (Site).   Historically, the site operated as a service station, auto repair facility and dry cleaner.  Brownfields Program utilized Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant funding to conduct a Phase II subsurface investigation and an analysis of brownfields cleanup alternatives (ABCA) at the site.  The previous investigation  identified soil contamination.   The Program is in the process of initiating the cleanup of the site.  Once cleaned, the site will be redeveloped into a community garden.


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