Spot Cleaning & Comprehensive Cleaning

Under OHS, Maintenance Protocol involves different schedules of street cleaning.  There are two types of scheduled cleaning that the City implements:




Spot cleaning is a one-day operation that cleans all the streets in Skid Row. Trash, debris, SHARPS, human waste, and other abandoned materials/ waste are collected and sent to disposal.


OHS teams work around homeless encampments while flushing, vacuuming, and sanitizing the sidewalks and streets. Streets are swept as a final polishing measure.



Comprehensive cleaning is a seven-day operation which involves temporarily removing the homeless and their property from the sidewalks so that the street and sidewalks can be thoroughly cleaned.


On the scheduled cleaning days, SHARPS, trash, debris, human waste, and other abandoned materials are collected and sent to disposal.


Health hazard determinations are performed on unattended items. Items determined to be health hazards are sent to the proper disposal facility. Non-hazardous items are sent to a 90-day facility. Items are photographed and documented.


Streets and sidewalks are thoroughly flushed, vacuumed, and sanitized.