Biosolid Videos

LA Sanitation (LASAN) strives to engage with the public through its public outreach program, tours, photos and videos.  

Below you will find videos for all ages to enjoy.


Designed for audiences eight years old and up. Three children host the program and take the viewer on a tour of the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant and LA Sanitation's farm in Kern County.


Designed for people touring the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant as well as for groups in the community who are interested in LASAN's farm in Kern County  but are not able to travel to it. The video shows viewers how biosolids can change marginal soil into productive farmland that grows crops which are sold to local dairies for livestock feed.


Designed for people who have an understanding about farming but do not understand how organic wastewater solids are converted into beneficial biosolids. This video shows the viewers the various treatment processes that are used to convert the organic wastewater solids into beneficial biosolids.


A 30 minute program designed solely for cable casting on the City's City View Channel 35. The host of the program interviews plant and farm personnel concerning their roles in the production and land application of beneficial biosolids.


The City is committed to implementing a public outreach program that engages the public and allows opportunities for interested parties to be involved. The City’s public outreach program is reviewed during the audits and we invite interested parties to participate in the process. Since 2005 several interested parties have participated in the City’s biosolids EMS audits. Their participation has provided valuable input that we have used to improve our biosolids management program. If you would like to participate in future audits please use our contact information at the bottom of this page.


Tour Info


Tours and informational presentations are available for the following facilities:


• Environmental Learning Center (Opened in September 2013)
• Green Acres Farm
• Terminal Island Renewable Energy Project
• Hyperion Treatment
• Griffith Park Compost Facility Tour


Contact Info

For more information call: (310) 648-5877
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