IWMD Publications and Resources

We have provided links to all relevant publications. To locate a document pertaining to a certain topic, click on the appropriate tab below.

Industrial Waste Management Division (IWMD) Mission Statement —The Mission Statement of the Industrial Waste Management Division

Industrial Waste Permit Application

Local Industrial User (LIU) Permit Application

Industrial Wastewater Permit Application for Food Service Establishments

Dental Permit Application

Guide to Discharging Industrial Wastewater to the Sewer—A guide giving general information concerning the discharging of industrial wastewater to the sewer system. Specifically, this guide introduces the Industrial Wastewater Management Division and their operations.

Industrial Wastewater Control Ordinance—Excerpts from Section 64 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code specifying the Industrial Waste Control Ordinance.

Rules and Regulations Governing the Discharge of Industrial Wastewater

Local Discharge Limits—Industrial wastewater discharge standards.

Pretreatment Program Compliance Guide—In depth look at how to comply with the rules and regulations of the pretreatment program.

Toxics Organics Management Plan Application

Toxics Organics Management Plan Guide

Guide to Industrial Waste Fees for Commercial and Industrial Users—This brochure describes the different types of Industrial Waste fees and explains what the fee pays for.

Industrial Wastewater Permit Refund Form

Sewer Service Charge—Private Submetering of Water

Best Management Practices for Dental Offices—A handout summarizing the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Dental Offices

Mobile Washer Information Sheet
—Information sheet meant to assist mobile washer operators and property owners in understanding their responsibilities regarding the management of industrial wastewater generated from mobile washer activities.

Guide to the Disposal of Used Water Based Cleaners

RV Wastewater Disposal Sites

Billing and Surcharge Contact Information

Industrial Wastewater Fees Refund Policy

Green Chemistry Guide

One-Time Compliance Report