Self Monitoring Reports

To monitor the flow, nature and concentration of pollutants discharged by any industrial user (IU), the federal pretreatment regulations require such IU to conduct self-monitoring and submit the findings to the City. This regulation is encoded in 40 CFR 403.12, Reporting Requirements for POTWs and Industrial Users.

Specific Self-Monitoring Report (SMR) forms are provided for each industrial user required to submit these reports. The forms contain applicable information on wastewater constituents that must be regulated and controlled to minimize the discharge of toxins and hazardous chemicals into the City sewers.

The forms consists of:
  • IU information
  • Flow and sampling information
  • Laboratory test results
  • Production data
  • Applicable limits
  • Certificates for TTO, cyanide and zero-discharge

The Industrial Waste Management Division (IWMD) generates a form for every sample point. If a permit requires that a report be submitted, the business must complete the form and forward the report to IWMD at the permit-specified frequency.
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