DCT Equalization Tanks

The DCT Equalization Tanks project will provide the AWPF at DCTWRP with continuous, constant flow to treat 19 MGD of influent water and produce 15.5 MGD of product water. The equalization tanks will hold 6.7 million gallons of water. During high flow periods, typically during the day, the tanks will fill and during low flow periods, typically at night, the tanks will empty equalizing flow to downstream processes, including to the AWPF. The purification processes that are part of the AWPF require constant flow in order function properly, so the tanks will ensure the downstream facilities have the flow to function at an optimal level.
Project partners: LADWP
Project cost: $55 million (construction cost)
Target completion date: June 2024
Status as of Aug 2020: Bid and Award Phase