Tips for Automotive Business


Implementing safe, environmental practices and procedures in your shop is simple and easy. It’s also the law. Adopt the following tips in your automotive business to keep Los Angeles’ neighborhoods and local waterways healthy:

  • Place drip pans underneath vehicles to capture fluids.

  • Clean up spills immediately and use dry methods (sweeping, absorbent materials). Follow your hazardous materials response plan, as filed with your local fire department or other hazardous waste materials authority and be sure that all employees are aware and capable of implementing each phase of the plan.

  • Keep your liquid waste segregated. Many fluids can be recycled via hazardous waste disposal companies if they are not mixed.

  • Store all materials under cover with spill containment or inside to prevent contamination of rainwater runoff.

  • Recycle solvents, oil and used filters, anti-freeze, batteries, lubricants and metal filings. Contact a licensed hazardous waste hauler to dispose of saturated absorbents.

  • When cleaning auto parts, scrape parts with a wire brush or use a bake oven rather than liquid cleaners. Arrange drip pans, drying racks and drain boards so that fluids are directed back into the sink. Never wash parts or equipment in a parking lot, driveway or street.