Tips for Pet Owners

tipsforpetowners400x215Follow these simple good housekeeping practices to create a healthy environment in and around your home for your family. As an added bonus, you’ll create a safe and healthy neighborhood and keep our waterways clean.


  • When walking your dog, always carry a plastic bag to pick up your pet’s waste (LAMC Sec. 53.49) and properly dispose of pet waste by flushing it down the toilet or placing it in the trash. Abandoned pet waste is a neighborhood nuisance that can carry dangerous diseases into local creeks, rivers, lakes and the ocean. The City of Los Angeles provides free dog waste bags for residents. (Dog waste bags form)

  • Spay or neuter your pets. Spaying and neutering your pet extends their life and prevents companion animal overpopulation, which often leads to the euthanasia of unwanted pets. 

  • Vaccinate your pets to protect them from disease and license your dogs to protect them from getting lost. 

  • Adopt a pet from a City of Los Angeles Animal Services shelter. The City operates six shelters that house a variety of animals, from purebreds to mixed breeds, all waiting for loving arms and good homes.

  • Consider using less toxic shampoos and flea control products for your pets. If you do use toxic products, please dispose of unwanted quantities properly by taking them to a City-sponsored SAFE Center.