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Catch Basin Inserts and Screen Covers

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In 2002 the City of Los Angeles completed the “High Trash Generation Areas and Control Measures” study, which examined the amount of litter accumulating in the catch basins that flowed into the LA River and Ballona Creek watersheds. Three different trash generation zones (high, medium and low) were determined. This project was divided into three phases and funded the installation of catch basin inserts and screens in each of the trash generation zones.


  • Phase One called for the installation of 8,000 catch basin inserts and 6,000 catch basin screens in the high trash generation zones of the City of Los Angeles.
  • Phase Two called for the installation of 6,400 catch basin screens in the medium trash generation zones of the City of Los Angeles.
  • Phase Three called for the installation of 24,219 catch basins and 2,600 inserts in the low trash generation zones of the city of Los Angeles.
  • Currently there is a fourth phase pf this project under construction. Phase Four will see the retrofitting of catch basins with opening screen covers and inserts. Includes City-owned catch basins not covered in Phases One, Two and Three as well as all state and county catch basins within the City.

The catch basin opening screen covers installed were stainless steel screens placed at the opening of the catch basins to prevent litter larger than ¾ of an inch from entering the storm drain system. The catch basin inserts installed were vertical stainless steel inserts placed inside the catch basin to retain all litter and debris greater than five mm. The inserts provide both a flow-through and bypass system to maintain adequate drainage during rain events. The inserts are cleaned out by LA Sanitation crews on a regular basis.

The objective of this project was to assist the City of Los Angeles in achieving a 20% trash reduction in the Ballona Creek and Los Angeles River watersheds.


  • Various locations throughout the City of Los Angeles



  • Los Angeles River
  • Ballona Creek
  • Dominguez Channel
  • Santa Monica Bay


The City of Los Angeles and the state of California partnered on this project.


Proposition O provided $14,702,886 for this project. Proposition 40 (California Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Parks and Coastal Protection Act of 2002) provided $600,000 in additional funds.