Turn Back To School Into Back To Cool
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If you’ve spent any length of time in LA, the recent news reports that coastal LA and California experiences its warmest weather later in the summer season come as no surprise. Those of us who grew up in SoCal remember our back to school days often being the hottest days of the year. And, while it’s often easy and tempting to reach for the air conditioning when temperatures soar, using more electricity actually contributes to climate change and makes our planet hotter! But what if you could turn back to school into “back to cool” without electricity? Read on to discover five easy and eco-friendly ways to stay cool:


Fresh Fashion – One of the smartest ways to stay cool is to change your clothing. Ditch polyester in favor of lightweight, natural fabrics like cotton. And, wear clothing that won’t stick to your body. Choose loose moisture-wicking t-shirts, dresses or skirts to keep your body cool. 


Hydrate with H20 – Sweating is your body’s natural cooling system, but you need to drink water to be able to sweat! And, while drinking water is the best way to hydrate, it’s not the only way. Snacking on seasonal, water-rich foods like strawberries, cucumbers, and watermelon will also keep you hydrated. 


Cover It With Curtains – Did you know that by covering your windows during the day, you can significantly reduce the heat in your home? Stop the sunlight with medium-colored curtains, shades or blinds to prevent warming and reduce heat gains. 


A Splash In The Shower – Take a short lukewarm shower to refresh yourself and prevent the shower’s heat and humidity from entering your living space. Consider splashing cool water on your face throughout the day. 


Give Appliances The Afternoon Off – Appliances may be the culprit for heat gain in your home. Avoid running washers, dryers, dishwashers and ovens during the heat of the day and peak electricity rate times. After all, you and your appliances deserve the afternoon off!


Staying cool in the summer doesn’t have to be complicated. These five easy tips will keep your family cooler while saving you money on your utility bills. How are you turning back to school into back to cool?  Share your tips and tricks with us at lastormwater@lacity.org.

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